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Letter of invitation to SM 2010

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the A.M.S.C.E.,  we are pleased to invite you to Florence from 30 April – 1 st May
for the Spring PWG meeting. Florence will provide a beautiful backdrop for our meeting with its history, art and nature.

As previously announced, the meeting will take place in Hotel Villa Medici (Florence, Italy), a five star hotel located near the city center, easily accessible from the Amerigo Vespucci International Airport,and equipped with all the facilities that are needed to our meeting.
The AMSCE Association is delighted to host an informal dinner on Friday the 30th, and a formal dinner on Saturday 1st. There will be more information in regards to the social program closer to the meeting date.
Attached you will find a booking form for accommodation at the Hotel Villa Medici, registration for the social program
and travel information on how to transfer to Florence.

Can you please return these forms by Friday 2nd April at the very latest to
Florence is an ancient city, located near Arno River, and is known all over the world because people from Florence l
ike to greet visitors and we hope you will feel this way of welcoming from us.

All the members of the OC are working very hard so that everything will be fine.

We will be glad if you will decide to stay for a few more days in order to visit our city or the rest of Italy, and take unforgettable memories back to your country.

Cordiali saluti
(Kind regards)

Francesco Silenzi
A.M.S.C.E. Vicepresident

Marco Capizzi

A.M.S.C.E. National Counsellor